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Thu Aug 29 07:39:54 -0700 2013

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some old, vanilla Shaman videos. Back in the diz-ay, these were classics.

The first is from a Russian player who played on US-Warsong, Horde. His name was "Sham". His popularity stemmed from being one of the first players to effectively utilize Invulnerable Mail (crafted from Plans: Invulnerable Mail). For those of you that remember, in Vanilla WoW, gold farmers created rogues and would farm the mobs at Tyr's Hand in EPL. These mobs were easy to kill for groups of rogues and would drop health and mana potions as well as 30-40 silver a piece. Before the invulnerable mail nerf, with multiple toons attacking him, Sham would be nearly invulnerable and dominate these farmers in some epic PvP battles. Watching Sham's videos also motivated me to use Green Whelp Armor (crafted from Pattern: Green Whelp Armor) in AB after that battle ground first launched, pre-nerf of course. I would laugh as a warrior would charge me whilst capping a flag, and instantly be put into a 30 second, non-breakable sleep. Ah, the nostalgia. When Sham finally got Hand of Edward the Odd, he was out of control. This used to have the proc: next spell cast within 4 seconds will cast instantly. Pre-nerf, of course. If I recall correctly, the dmg on this one hander was good too. Shamans back in the day could still do good PvP DPS with a one hander and a shield. I've only seen this drop once in a UBRS run (while on my Shaman) and a priest rolled on it. I was pissed.

The second video I am looking for is by a Horde Shaman named Creed. His real world PvP videos were also legendary. His big thing was to use Draconian Deflector paired with Gift of the Elven Magi. I farmed Balnazzar for ever in Holy Strat to get this item. Totally worth it. His windfury crits with The Unstoppable Force coupled with the healing from Enchant Boots - Minor Speed (again, pre-nerf) were ground breaking in terms of Shaman real-world PvP. He made some videos as a healer when we was 70 too. One of them comes to mind of him standing in the battleground map room of IF, healing his bros. Also in his videos were interludes and montages of him finding errors in the Vanilla WoW world, such as no-transistion zones and using noggenfogger slow fall (pre-nerf) to get on top of the masts in Booty Bay.

Ah, my balls are filled with that nostolgia right now.

Anyways, if you guys have these videos or know where they reside, please let us know!



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